☘️ Shameless Shamrock Shirts ☘️

Hello In Stitches Family! Have you ever googled a question and then went down a rabbit hole? Am I the only one? I am. Oh well. Let me share with you what I learned about St. Patrick’s Day! I was thinking to myself, “Self, why DO we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?” So I did what … Read more

Laundry Sucks!

Can we all admit that laundry sucks? It is definitely not our favorite thing to do but sadly, it’s a part of our lives. So while we’re talking about it, let’s learn some fun facts about laundry along with how to launder your items you get from us! Sometimes history is funny! It’s just a … Read more

A Mug By Any Other Name

Hello In Stitches Family! I don’t know about where you are but here in South Dakota, it’s been beautiful weather but still cold. There’s nothing we like better than a nice cup of warm coffee or tea in our favorite mug! What about you? We were sitting here sipping our coffee one day and we … Read more