A Mug By Any Other Name

Hello In Stitches Family! I don’t know about where you are but here in South Dakota, it’s been beautiful weather but still cold. There’s nothing we like better than a nice cup of warm coffee or tea in our favorite mug! What about you? We were sitting here sipping our coffee one day and we … Read more

Give a Love Mug

Hello In Stitches Family! I know it’s hard to believe but today we’re talking about the perfect gift for the one you love for Valentine’s Day! I know you’re thinking that Valentine’s Day must be at least 2 or 3 months away but I’m here to tell you that it’s in fact only 3 weeks … Read more

Don’t Get Fleeced

Hello In Stitches Family! Happy New Year! With the start of this new year, we need to have a little discussion about supply chains, but in a fun way! Here at In Stitches, we try to stay upbeat even during a pandemic. After all, there are so many good things even when things are hard. … Read more

What Can We do for You in 2021?

Hello In Stitches Family! How was your Christmas? Did Santa find you and yours? Sure hope so! We had a wonderful Christmas! We ate good food. Laughed with friends and family. And got some amazing gifts! We also were busy right up until Christmas and that is all thanks to you! And now it’s time … Read more

5 Last Minute Gifts Anyone Would LOVE!

Hello In Stitches Family! It’s finally here! The week of Christmas! Is all your Christmas shopping done? Not yet? Well, let us help you with that with a few more gift ideas and WHY someone would you LOVE them! We get it! Buying gifts is hard! And buying gifts this year is even harder! At … Read more

Santa’s Big Bag of Toys

Hello In Stitches Family! We are halfway through December and now it’s really time to start thinking about Santa and his big bag of toys! We can all picture it! Santa sliding down the chimney with his big bag of toys full to the brim! Everything he needs to make the holiday bright right there … Read more

Thoughts of Christmases Past

With the Christmas season officially here, we at In Stitches have started to reminisce about the past! We all have those gifts that we’ve given or received that just stand out in our minds! The gift from the heart that became a keepsake for one reason or another. Mike talks about the year they wrapped … Read more

Who Wants some Black Friday WEEKEND Deals?

We know that you’re busy starting your preparations for an amazing Thanksgiving meal, but we needed to just take a second and ask you if you like a good deal? You do? We do too! That’s why starting Friday, we will have Deals of the Day until Monday, November 30th! But you’ll only be able … Read more

Twas a Month Before Christmas

Hello In Stitches Family! Boy oh boy, do I have something fun to talk to you about today! But first, a poem! Everyone get nice and comfy around the fire as I read to you, Twas a Month Before Christmas adapted by Ashley Linton. Twas a month before Christmas, well, a month and a halfNot … Read more